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Sheet Music

Junior High
Mississippi State Performance Assessment

The attached document is the 2024 Regional SPA Registration Form. Some important points to remember.

1. You are required by MHSAA to take your choral groups to a regional assessment or Choral Arts Festival.

2. There are 3 regional assessments for JH. Be sure and designate on the form which assessment you are planning on attending. If your school normally attends the Central Regional Assessment but there is a significant conflict, you may request to take your choir(s) to the Southern or Northern Regional Assessment.

3. You select the choir music you wish to perform. In JH, you do not have to select a song from the MS, FL or TX lists (required by high school). You may choose to select a song from those lists, but it is not required. There are some restrictions on genres ex. Patriotic, Pop, etc. Please see the choral manual on, JH tab for guidance. I am in the process of updating the document, please use the attached SPA form.


The attached form is due 2/2/2024. When you send your PO or school check, please include the form so I know which school paid.


Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help. 



Sue Tarver, M.M., NBCT

President JH Division of MSMEA


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