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Outstanding Mississippi Music Educator Awards

Outstanding Music Educator Awards

Each year the Mississippi Music Educators Association is pleased to honor two outstanding music educators. The Outstanding Young Music Educator of the Year award is given to a music teacher of 5 or less years of service. The Outstanding Music Educator of the Year award is given to a music educator of 6 or more years of service.

These recipients are nominated by their fellow teachers who are members of MMEA.  In addition to the application, the following information is required to complete each nominee’s portfolio.

Yearly Deadline:  November 15

Guidelines for Nominations

The nominator will provide:

  • Personal Letter of Recommendation (Should reflect firsthand exposure to the nominee.  Only professional and pertinent anecdotes should be included.  Statements of religious affiliation, partisan activity, and personal/family information should not be included. 

  • Three Letters of Recommendations from the following sources: administration (if applicable), colleagues, parents and students.

Nominator may include the following:

  • Education and employment history

  • Honors, achievements, and community involvement

  • Activities of students

  • Statement of Philosophy and goals for teaching in the future (if applicable)

Nominations must be submitted through electronic means. No paper copies will be accepted. You may contact Tommy Creel for more information. Contact Andy Beasley

Past Outstanding Music Educator Award Recipients

Outstanding Music Educators

2023: Erin Linton
2022: Jennifer Tillotson 
2021: Beth Purvis
2020: Angie Rawls
2019: Carrie Owens
2018: Regina Weeks
2017: Reese Norris
2016: Tammy Carney
2015: Andrea Coleman
2014: Donna McCommon
2013: Joey Coleman
2012: Sherry Freeman
2011: Nancy Long
2010: Lisa Clark
2009: Janet Kennedy
2008: Frances Hassell
2007: Chris Young
2006: Donna Crisler
2005: Vicki Wilson
2004: Robert Sims
2003: Dr. Bonnie Blu Williams
2000: Althea Jerome
1993: Martha Murray

Outstanding Young Music Educators

2023: Ashlynn Grissom
2022: Sam Lovorn
2021: Jordan Durham & Katherine Hoitt
2020: Alicia Bell
2019: Thomas Ardrey
2018: Andy Smigielski
2017: Eric Johnson
2016: Joel Barron
2015: Rachel (Upton) Landrum
2014: Andy Beasley
2013: Megan Morgan
2012: Daniel Vernon
2011: Lynn Holiman
2010: Sarah (Bennett) Little
2009: Joel Dunlap
2006: Christopher Haygood
2005: Mark Mathis
2002: Carrie Owens
2000: Alison Custer
1999: Andrea Coleman
1997: Tim Moak
1993: James Graham

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