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Mississippi Choral Art Festival

Mississippi Choral Art Festival

The Choral Art Festival was instituted in 1995 to provide a positive and helpful non-adjudicated festival experience for Choral programs in the state.  Directors may choose to participate in Choral Art instead of their District Festival.  Directors also have the discretion to bring selected groups to the festival that they feel are not ready for District Festival participation.  Your choir will receive helpful suggestions from well-respected judges in a non-threatening, non-competitive atmosphere. Judges provide written comments on performances.  One or more judges will work with each choir or ensemble following their performance.

MHSAA MMEA Choral Art Festival

Site Coordinator: Jordan Langworthy
534 Oak Park Circle
Pearl, MS  39208
C 601.421.0505


  1. The purpose of this festival is to provide a positive, non-competitive, non-threatening choral experience to prepare choral directors with new or developing choral programs for future participation in the High School State Performance Assessment.
  2. Participation in one adjudicated, MHSAA-sanctioned event is required of all MHSAA member schools with choral programs, SPA or CAF (application process with approval).

    • a choral director’s school must be a member of MHSAA

    • a choral director must be registered with MHSAA - FORM 1

    • a choral director who wishes to request exemption must submit an Exemption Request Letter along with FORM 1 to the MHSAA Office by September 15. Request letters must be composed on school letterhead by the requesting director’s principal

    • a choral director is not required to be a member of MMEA or NAfME

    • choral groups may NOT participate in both adjudicated festivals; they must choose the Choral Art Festival or the State Performance Assessment

    • participation is by approval application only - FORM 8

      • applications are open to all choirs and ensembles based on the specifications listed on FORM 8

      • choral directors must submit a completed FORM 8 to the CAF Coordinator by December 01

      • the CAF Coordinator will contact each choral director regarding their approval status after reviewing their FORM 8

      • the CAF Coordinator is the current High School Division President-Elect

  3. MHSAA only provides catastrophic insurance for 7th – 12th graders. Therefore:

    • 7th – 12th grade choral groups must make checks payable to MHSAA

    • 6th grade choral groups must make checks payable to MMEA

    • 6th grade choral groups must notate this festival event as a school field trip

    • 6th grade choral groups must perform separately from 7th – 12th graders

  4. Following the approval process of FORM 8, registration forms (FORM 9) and fees are due to the CAF Coordinator by the Winter Business Meeting. Be diligent.

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